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Come see what RAD is all about.

346 W. Foothill Blvd. Monrovia, Ca

Mon-Fri (11am-7pm) Sat- (11am-5pm)

Sun- Catch'n Lapz!

The Best Bike Building Experience

Whether you are an elite cyclist, Avid weekend Rider or are looking for guidance in selection and custom fitting for your first bike or need to upgrade your existing bike, RAD Bike Shop in Monrovia, CA, is here to help. 


About Us

We’ve been riding bikes for a very long time and always had a vision of owning a bike shop to serve and help all bicycle enthusiasts. We are family owned and operated. We are located in the city of Monrovia also serving everyone in Southern California and beyond! 

Keep Me Rolling Tune Up

Includes everything that can be serviced and or adjusted on the bike:

no parts will be taken off or replaced. Bolt check and bike wipe down. Additional cost for any

installation of replacement parts or accessories. If something does need to be installed and or

adjusted it becomes half price of the cost of adjustment alone when confirmed by the customer.

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